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April 24th, 2015

Matt Berger's Pro Part

Matt Berger embodies hard work and dedication on a skateboard. After a breakthrough few years in the streets and contest circuit alike it was a no brainer for Flip give him the professional nod. We hope you enjoy Matt's professional debut part, this is only the beginning.

April 23rd, 2015

5&5 with Sewa Kroetkov for Ricta Wheels

Sewa talks about the new Ricta Slix, skating naked, mythical creatures, and rips a local LA Plaza in this 5&5 for Ricta Wheels!

April 22nd, 2015

Talkin' MOB with Willis Kimbel

Where’s Willis Kimbel been?!… Ripping in Finland! Willis just joined the MOB Grip squad, and it’s without a doubt he’s been shredding Finland on the daily. Drop in with Willis at his local DIY in this installment of Talkin’ MOB. Willis skates for Creature Skateboards, Independent Trucks, MOB Grip, and OJ Wheels

April 21st, 2015

Firing Line: Anthony Schultz

Slave's Anthony Schultz makes great use of some amazing terrain in the forrest. This one-of-a-kind spot will make you want to go out and hunt for (or build your own) DIY treasure.

April 21st, 2015

Chris Russell at Nude Bowl

It began as a hideout for Al Capone, and became the location for a surrounding Nude Colony. Since the late 70's the Nude Bowl has brought skaters near & far to make it to the deep and scrape cope on some of the crustiest pool terrain around. Resurrection!! Independent & Creature rider Chris Russell gets his!

April 20th, 2015

Matt Berger Is Pro!

After a breakthrough few years of destruction in the streets and contest circuit alike, Matt Berger's mix of technical skating and raw power have earned him a spot as Flip Skateboards newest Pro! Watch as the Flip team with the help of a young "fan" surprise Matt with his debut pro model. Congrats Berger!

April 17th, 2015

Brandon Westgate - Welcome the Element Family

The reigning title-holder for the term East Coast Powerhouse, is without a doubt Brandon Westgate; he’s truly in a class of his own. While power, pop, and innovation define his skateboarding, you won’t find ego or bravado cluttering his success. His footage conveys a mastery of the urban jungles but he calls the sleepy town of Carver, Massachusetts home. His New England upbringing shaped his character, which is defined an admirable work ethic, and a no bullshit attitude. When other pros hit the bar after the session, Westgate heads to his wood shop to build bins for the cranberries he grows and harvests with his family. Solid skateboarder, solid man. Welcome to Element!

April 16th, 2015

Jimmy Carlin: Flatground Filibuster!

Flashing back to the very first Flatground Filibuster with Jimmy Carlin. This originally aired on a Strange Notes Super Show episode, and Jimmy started the series out strong! You get one try, and one try only! READY, GO! Jimmy rides for Krux Trucks, Ricta Wheels & MOB Grip.

April 15th, 2015

Centre to Distribute Loaded Longboards and Orangatang Wheels


Centre Distribution is pleased to announce that it is now the exclusive Canadian distributor for Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels. Founded in Los Angeles, California in September of 2000 out of a passion for "exploring ways of emulating snowboarding and surfing on land," Loaded launched their first board, The Vanguard, in 2002. Today Loaded continues to focus on building innovative and unique composite skateboard decks using progressive technical materials and constructions.


Similarly, driven by a desire to explore the boundaries of performance longboarding, Orangatang has flourished since 2008. Orangatang produces a range of race, freeride and freestyle wheels in proprietary formulas to pleasure the discerning longboarder. With a history of pushing the level of riding, Orangatang is an influential part of contemporary longboarding.


Staying true to their humble roots, Loaded and Orangatang continue to focus and draw inspiration from the strength of their crew, ambassadors, product development and the furthering of longboard culture as a whole.


About Centre: Since 1997, Centre Distribution has spearheaded the growth of Canadian skateboarding. Embracing innovation to be a leader in the industry, Centre's B2B site is one of the most user friendly in its field. Focused on pro-endorsed brands, Centre remains committed to nurturing the Canadian skateboard community.


For the latest from Loaded Longboards and Orangatang Wheels please visit www.loadedboards.com and www.orangatangwheels.com

April 14th, 2015

Strange Notes: Flatground Filibuster with Sean Conover!

Strange Notes Presents: Flatground Filibuster! You get one try, and one try only to stack as many Flatground tricks as possible! Conover does so with ripping style, and makes it look easy! Conover skates for Creature Skateboards, Independent Trucks, and OJ Wheels.

April 10th, 2015

Park Barge: James Brockman

Zero pro James Brockman barges the TWS park in the first installment of Park Barge and puts a beating on every obstacle that he crosses paths with.

April 9th, 2015

Blow'n Up The Spot with Chris Cope!

Chris Cope sets the table for possibilities at San Diego’s WSVT in this installment for Independent Trucks! Think you got stalled out inverts?...Chris assassinates the 'cope with Independent Trucks. GET SOME!


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